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Millbrook Park is an exceptional residential destination located in the much sought after NW7. Combining the best of City and country living within a tranquil setting on the edge of the green belt. This exclusive scheme seeks to deliver 2,174 new homes, in a landscaped setting, across a number of phases. To ensure a sense of place the Inglis Consortium has included almost six hectares of parks and open space within the development, in order to create a thriving and sustainable community.


Millbrook Park is being developed in phases by a number of well-known housebuilders and contractors, including Linden Homes, Countryside Properties, Taylor Wimpey and Natta Building Woodscape has supplied a range of superb-quality hardwood street furniture for phase one of the scheme, to complement the exclusive nature of the development. Furniture includes benches, picnic sets and bollards as well as a unique retaining wall system developed to mould into the landscaped space.


Woodscape’s furniture, with it’s natural appearance and timeless quality, not only blends into this space perfectly but also makes a much bigger contribution to the scheme than simply good looks. Hardwood is a construction material sourced from sustainable forests that renews itself naturally so it is in keeping with the consortiums plans for a sustainable development. It is also extremely robust with a life expectancy of around 100 years in UK ground conditions, vandal and fire resistant and requires very little maintenance, making our street-furniture the ideal long-term investment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]